Our New Mobile Website Is Now Live

May 9th, 2014 Irvine, CA- Yesterday we launched our new mobile website to accompany the already effortless process of trading in your devices from a desktop computer.

The new mobile website is streamlined to provide a faster, more enjoyable experience with one-click access to the pages you need the most and easier navigating on your phone or tablet. It also features a new ‘locked or unlocked’ tab that you can toggle when viewing quote prices to see how much you could get for your phone if it was unlocked. We believe this will greatly enhance the experience of those customers who need to get a quote on the go!


Recycling Your Phone Can Pay And Save The Environment

Once you buy an item you should be able to unlock it, fix it, customize it with out having to ask for permission. And what the big copyright corporations don’t want you to know that by not allowing you to have control over your device it’s also harming the environment. Most phones sold go overseas to be refurbished and re-sold, which can’t happen if they can’t be unlocked from their carriers. This leads to less of a value for older generation phones and increases the amount of phones thrown in the trash as they will be to much of a hassle to sell.

Here’s some figures to show just how much of an impact these phones have on the environment:

Making a single cellphone requires 165 pounds of raw material. – Wired.com

E-waste represents 2 percent of America’s trash in landfills, but it equals 70 percent of overall toxic waste. The extreme amount of lead in electronics alone causes damage in the central and peripheral nervous systems, the blood and the kidneys. -DoSomething.org

For every 1 million cell phones that are recycled, 35,274 pounds of copper, 772 pounds of silver, 75 pounds of gold, and 33 pounds of palladium can be recovered. -DoSomething.org

It is estimated that there are more than 500-600 million used cell phones ready for disposal worldwide. -EcoMarketingSolutions.com

14,000,000 junked mobile phones (weighing over 65,000 tons) reach our nation’s landfills each year – releasing an astounding 80,000 lbs of highly toxic lead. -businessinsider.com

Removing your Phone From An Apple Account

The new iOS7 has been creating some problems with selling unused
iPhones, iPods, and iPads. When you add your Apple ID when activating
your iPhone, it automatically sets up the “Find My Phone” feature. This is a problem
because when you erase your device, it still locks it to your Apple ID,
therefore preventing others from being able to access your device.
We can not buy these Apple ID locked devices and would only be
able to quote you for parts condition.

Here are some ways to remove your Apple ID completely and
get the most for your device:

1. If you are currently in possession of your device,
simply go to settings

then go to iCloud
enter your iCloud password and then turn off “Find My iPhone”.

2. If the phone is already erased and you are prompted with this screen,


Simply enter your Apple ID and remove the device from your account.

3. If you have already sent your device to us it can still be removed from your account by
signing into your iCloud account at https://www.icloud.com/#find

Screen shot 2013-09-30 at 2.56.37 PM
From there you simply need to select the device from the “Find My Phone”
device list by clicking “All Devices”, selecting the device, erase the device, then
click “Remove from account”.

iPhone 5S Release and iPhone Trade-ins for Cash

The announcement of the iPhone 5S and 5C is due to arrive September 10 and the device release September 20. In anticipation of the upcoming date- customers want to know about trade-ins, especially selling their current iPhone in advance to have more money for the new iPhone release. There are great outlets to turn to in order to sell your iPhone from models iPhone 2G to iPhone 5.

1. From cracked screens to mint condition, Next Worth is the top dog in the race to sell your phones. The site is easily customized- you simply select your model, confirm the condition and away you go. Does your iPhone 4S power on and has a intact screen? $197 is your offer.

2. Have an iPhone 5 in good condition from AT&T or unlocked? You can earn a whopping $305 in cash from Gazelle. The website allows users to review their models and carrier to determine the cash out to you.

3. Have an iPhone 4 Sprint phone in okay condition? Hello Totem will be willing to pay you $45 for the phone. If your Verizon iPhone 4S 32GB is in perfect shape, the resale digital market will pay you $180 for your phone.

4. Some cash is better than no cash for some! Elegreen will be willing to review your iPhone 3GS in good condition for $12. While not much, some outlets will not offer any funds for it. Elegreen also has a notice on their site advising the resale value will be decreased upon the iPhone 5S/5C release. Which means to one needs to get moving!

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Winner of our $500 Give-A-Way Promotion!

It is our pleasure to announce the winner of our $500 Give-A-Way Promotion which ran from June-July. The name of our winner is Shawn Keenen from West Virginia! We are thanking him by giving him a check for $500 but we would like to thank all of you for participating in our $500 Give-A-Way Promotion! Without you, this promotion wouldn’t have been possible. Stay tuned for future contests!b788778c61cd92c4009ef401e14bc30b

Used smartphones find new life in second-hand market

August 13
The Kansas City Star

Old smartphones are changing hands more and more liked used cars.

Each round of new devices — the latest expected in September with the debut of the next Galaxy Note and iPhone — leaves upgraders with a still useful old phone that has resale value. And instead of a forgotten spot in a sock drawer, they’re finding new homes in an increasingly popular second-hand market.

Read more here: kansascity.com

Apple May Join Growing, Lucrative Smartphone Recycling Market

Smartphone recycling rates may soon rise, as more new companies are willing to buy old phones. It’s said that Apple will soon join them.
EleGreen, a relative newcomer to the growing smartphone recycling movement, has a focus on the upgrades of government agencies and large corporations, whether from old BlackBerry smartphones to iPhones, new BlackBerrys or Android-running devices.
EleGreen buys phones to resell them to other markets—making sure, first, that they’re cleared of data, it says—or else makes sure they’re recycled responsibly. It recently bought 3,000 phones from a major corporation that was refreshing its device lineup.
“Most people don’t realize how much they can get for their old phone because they only look to their service provider, or the manufacturer,” Spencer House, vice president of marketing and operations, said in a June 14 statement. “Our primary objective is to educate the consumer, make buy-back easy and pay top dollars for the hardware.”
For a device like the iPhone 4S, eleGreen currently offers a buy-back price of $295. Given that many people pay a hardware rate of $199 to upgrade, eleGreen points out that its price would put a person ahead by nearly $100.

- See more at: eweek.com

Apple Is the Boost Smartphone Recycling Needs

Apple is rumored to be working on a deal with Brightstar—a third party that handles device distribution, marketing services, channel management and more for device makers—to run a new buyback and recycling effort. Companies like Nokia and Sprint have been pushing recycling efforts for years, citing the environmental impact, but newer companies like SellCell and eleGreen are educating consumers about the dollar value of the devices cluttering their desk drawers. According to a survey commissioned by SellCell, the No. 1 reason people don’t recycle is they don’t know what to do with their devices (44 percent said so). Nearly 20 percent said they don’t know how to wipe all data from their devices and 23 percent said they were afraid their personal data would be jeopardized. Over the next year, SellCell plans to educate consumers about device recycling—an effort Apple can help with. Strategy Analytics Executive Director Neil Mawston told eWEEK: “If Apple can expand its recycling program, ease fears about data privacy and make payments for old phones relatively enticing, we expect the recycling rate for all smartphones worldwide to increase during 2014.”

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eleGreen: New Industry “Dials Up” Growth

Don’t throw that old phone into the junk drawer. You may get more than you paid for it.

The cell phone industry has exploded in the last decade and now it looks like recycling phones could be the next big thing. Over 400,000 cellphone are retired every day in the USA. Some are given away, others are thrown away, but most are lying around in junk drawers — owners oblivious to their true worth. As consumers rush to upgrade their devices, companies like eleGreen are seeing there’s a huge gap in the market for take-backs and responsible recycling.

95% of eleGreen phones are reused. In most cases they are sold for refurbishment in other countries where they can play a part in helping create communication networks. eleGreen will match any price of a buy-back competitor and strives to make the process as easy as possible. Those in the immediate area can get a free quote from an agent coming to them or can visit the eGreen offices.

EXAMPLE: You buy a $700 phone for $200 because you enter into contracts with phone service providers. When an upgrade is offered, that phone has not depreciated even though the provider will only offer about $100 on it as trade-in. eleGreen pays up to $300 for the same phone. eleGreen currently quotes a buy-back price of $295 for some models of the iPhone 4S. It usually costs $199 to upgrade. So, you can get the newest version and almost $100 in your pocket. You can also choose to donate the buy-back price to a charity of your choice.

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Shipping Delay For Some USPS Customers

Due to a system error within the United States Postal Service a small number of packages are tracked showing “delivered” to our new Irvine, CA office location which have not yet arrived. This shipping issue has affected only a small number of orders at this time. If you feel your package has been delayed due to this error our would like a status update on your package feel free to log in to your account or contact our eleGreen customer service team. eleGreen is committed to providing the best service and trading experience possible, as part of that all of our packages containing customer devices are insured for the full trade value immediately when reflected within the shippers tracking system. We thank you for your patience.

eleGreen Customer Service
email: eleteam@elegreen.com
toll-free: 1-855-346-9177
local: 949-387-6939