Our New Mobile Website Is Now Live

May 9th, 2014 Irvine, CA- Yesterday we launched our new mobile website to accompany the already effortless process of trading in your devices from a desktop computer.

The new mobile website is streamlined to provide a faster, more enjoyable experience with one-click access to the pages you need the most and easier navigating on your phone or tablet. It also features a new ‘locked or unlocked’ tab that you can toggle when viewing quote prices to see how much you could get for your phone if it was unlocked. We believe this will greatly enhance the experience of those customers who need to get a quote on the go!


What Will Happen Once We Receive Your Device?

A lot of our customers call to ask eleGreen what will happen to their devices once they arrive. Here is some inside information and pictures to satisfy your curiosity.(insert pictures)

The FedEx delivery guy (his name is Jesse by the way, and he’s fantastic) delivers your packages between 1 to 2 pm weekdays, this is when our race against time begins.

First all of the boxes are inspected for damage and opened.
We place all items from one box together with the packing slip (so we know whom it is from).
If there is no packing slip we put the box aside until we finish unpacking all the other boxes. Then we print a packing slip based on the FedEx shipping label information. (insert image of boxes)

Second we sort all the items by the payment method. The check payments are processed first, then PayPal and Amazon gift cards. This way we will be able to send out checks as quickly as possible because they must reach the Post Office before 5pm to be mailed out same-day.

Next, all items are carefully inspected one by one. Every device is inspected for the model, carrier, capacity, appearance, and functionality to determine if it matches the quoted value. If the value is different from the original quote, we’ll send an email with the new offer. Approximately 10% of all items we receive will be re-evaluated to a new offer.

Finally, it’s time to pay. We usually start printing checks at 4:00, right after inspecting as many check-payment items as we can. An employee will then drop them off to the post office for same-day mailing. In the meantime the inspection is still going on for items receiving electronic payments. (insert image of envelopes of checks) When all of the inspections are finished the PayPal payments will be sent, and all the Amazon.com e-gift cards will be emailed to the customers before we close for the day.

We won’t call it a day until all items received are either paid or re-evaluated. We know that you don’t want to wait to get the money from your old phone. So we have put a lot of thought and energy into these procedures to ensure the fastest processing.