eleGreen: New Industry “Dials Up” Growth

Don’t throw that old phone into the junk drawer. You may get more than you paid for it.

The cell phone industry has exploded in the last decade and now it looks like recycling phones could be the next big thing. Over 400,000 cellphone are retired every day in the USA. Some are given away, others are thrown away, but most are lying around in junk drawers — owners oblivious to their true worth. As consumers rush to upgrade their devices, companies like eleGreen are seeing there’s a huge gap in the market for take-backs and responsible recycling.

95% of eleGreen phones are reused. In most cases they are sold for refurbishment in other countries where they can play a part in helping create communication networks. eleGreen will match any price of a buy-back competitor and strives to make the process as easy as possible. Those in the immediate area can get a free quote from an agent coming to them or can visit the eGreen offices.

EXAMPLE: You buy a $700 phone for $200 because you enter into contracts with phone service providers. When an upgrade is offered, that phone has not depreciated even though the provider will only offer about $100 on it as trade-in. eleGreen pays up to $300 for the same phone. eleGreen currently quotes a buy-back price of $295 for some models of the iPhone 4S. It usually costs $199 to upgrade. So, you can get the newest version and almost $100 in your pocket. You can also choose to donate the buy-back price to a charity of your choice.

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