Fake iPhone

One day we received a fake iPhone. It came in one of those boxes we receive every day.   The box was properly packed, with cushioning materials and nothing unusual. The content itself was special. Check this out.

fake iPhone_1

It felt light in hand and all the surfaces are grey plastic except the front part intended for a screen. At first I thought it was a cheap piece of plastic roughly in the shape of an off-scaled iPhone.

When I opened up the back cover, I saw a battery just like other cell phones. Underneath the battery, there are two regular-sized sim card slots. So I was wrong, it’s more than a piece of plastic toy, it was made to become a cell phone.

Then I turned it on, the displayed image and the start-up music have nothing remotely resembles the real iPhone. The image and sound quality are both bad. Check the desktop out, it’s mimicking the real iPhone. It is a touch screen, but you can only press, not swipe. I did not figure out how to turn to the next page, or maybe there aren’t any.

fake iPhone_2

If you look at the top left corner, you’ll notice two signal bars.  That’s why it has two sim card slots. How thoughtful! You can have one phone with two numbers! It’s a pity we didn’t test its phone function before returning it to the sender.

According to the packing slip, it’s an iPhone 4S in perfect condition worth $300 (this price has expired by now).  We could do nothing but sending it back. I’m not going to disclose any information about the seller, but I’m really curious what his/her intention was by attempting this trade-in.