How to pack your device

Proper packing including applying the shipping label correctly, would not only protect your item, but also make the delivery and box opening jobs easier. And to you, it means your package will be received sooner and processed faster.

Here are some tips on how to pack your iPhone or iPad when sending them.

When checking out on website, our customers get to choose the option to receive a box from us. The boxes we send to our customers vary according to the size and quantities of their devices. Those boxes are the most suitable to ship iPhone or iPad.

Sending or not sending the original apple factory box for the iPhone or iPad will not affect the price, but the original package does provide the best protection for your device. If you do not have the original box, use the self-seal bubble pouch to contain the iPhone or iPad. This is especially important when you are sending in a device in “perfect” condition.

If you do not have the original box or bubble pouch, keep the device in a plastic grocery bag to prevent scratches or water damage. Squeeze some paper into shape of a ball as the cushioning material. It could be paper towel, newspaper or advertisement flyers. Pick a box that’s not too big and not too small.

Do not use shredded paper. The dust from shredded paper can be caught into your device’s small openings and is bad for electronics. The shredded paper would also cause a mess for those who will open the box.

A piece of common sense In modern society is, never expect your packages being treated gently during shipping. Place some of the cushioning at the bottom of the box, then your device, then cushioning again. Make sure your device is at the center of the box and not touching any edges. When you close the box, shake it and make sure you don’t hear anything loose in the box. Seal all the opening of your box with tape.

When you apply the shipping label to the box, make sure the barcode is flat, not folded over to the next surface.

Packing is really important if you do not want to go through the troublesome and time-consuming process of claiming. IPhones are fragile, iPads are even more fragile. Although the big package service companies all have great customer service and probably will pay for their fault, but we still would hate to see them unnecessarily damaged. They should not end like this.