One man’s old phone is another man’s treasure

Whenever I upgrade to a new phone, I kept the old ones in a drawer. I always think someday someone will need it. Say, a friend might break her phone and needs one as a temporary.  Six months later, it’s at the bottom of my drawer, and nobody has needed it yet. I know there are many people like me who have old phones doing nothing in drawers and cabinets.

We need a good cause to do something to that old phone. And here are two good reasons to sell your old phone to eleGreen. And you will be helping someone by doing this.

First, while you are using a recent model with a bunch of the newest technologies, there are many people out there who do not want the newest models and would be happy just using the old ones.  Selling your old phone to eleGreen is one way to get this phone to people who really need it. Don’t wait until your phone gets too out-of-date. Let this phone be fully utilized before it reaches the end of the life cycle.

Second, did you know that you can donate your old phone to a charity through eleGreen?  It’s super easy and the shipping cost is on us! All you need to do is placing a trade-in order on our website, waiting for the box (if you need one), and dropping off the box with your old phone to Fedex with our label.  Just make sure you pick the donation option when choosing the payment method. The rest of the procedure will be exactly like a regular trade-in except for the paying part.  Instead of sending you the payment, we will forward the payment to the charity. Currently we are only working with the Red Cross. But if you would like to donate to some other charities or organizations, please let us know and we will try to make it happen.