EleGreen is Moving

EleGreen’s office is moving to Irvine, CA. We will continue to have drop off service until to 04/17/2013 at our Walnut, CA location. From 04/18/2013 drop off trading service will be from our new Irvine, CA location. Online trade in orders will not be affected during this transition.


The city of Irvine continues to hold a top ranked position in the list of best place to live/safest cities in US. CNN ranked Irvine as the 6th in the best place to live in the United States in 2012. We look forward to continuing to provide excellent and speedy service from our new location.

EleGreen Rolls Out USPS Shipping

In a move to provide faster shipping times for customers nationwide eleGreen has rolled out return shipping via USPS in addition to FedEx Ground.

For customers the change to USPS shipping will enable devices from the East Coast to arrive at eleGreen in 3 business days as opposed to 4+ for FedEx ground shipments. As with all eleGreen orders a tracking number for shipments will be provided to customers using USPS. Additionally, customers will now have the convenient ability drop their shipments in any United States Postal Service box or at any of the Postal Service’s 31,000 locations across the United States.

The change to USPS shipping is just another way eleGreen is striving to make trading your used electronic devices fast, safe, and easy. Go green and get green, with eleGreen.

Rumors Hint at New iPhone

Citing an excerpt translated from the Chinese Commercial Times CNET is reporting today on rumors that Apple may be unveiling a larger iPhone to compete with Android devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S III. While the rumors seem to be sketchy at best a larger device would be a logical step for Apple, especially on the heels of the iPad Mini as competition for smaller tablets. Read the whole article here

2013 CES Highlights

It was a whirlwind trip to CES for eleGreen but we definitely found some exciting stand outs on the trade show floor. Instead of writing a ton we’ll just share some pictures with you and a few key things coming to market soon.

Look Forward To:

  • Huge mobile displays (up to 6″ diagonally)
  • 4k TVs
  • Ultra-thin curved 3D OLED TVs from LG
  • New Intel chips

LG Curved OLED TV'sCEs 2013

Intel Ultrabook Tree2013 CES IntelSamsungLiquipel 2013 CESAscend

That’s all for now but check back for even more photos soon!


Fake iPhone

One day we received a fake iPhone. It came in one of those boxes we receive every day.   The box was properly packed, with cushioning materials and nothing unusual. The content itself was special. Check this out.

fake iPhone_1

It felt light in hand and all the surfaces are grey plastic except the front part intended for a screen. At first I thought it was a cheap piece of plastic roughly in the shape of an off-scaled iPhone.

When I opened up the back cover, I saw a battery just like other cell phones. Underneath the battery, there are two regular-sized sim card slots. So I was wrong, it’s more than a piece of plastic toy, it was made to become a cell phone.

Then I turned it on, the displayed image and the start-up music have nothing remotely resembles the real iPhone. The image and sound quality are both bad. Check the desktop out, it’s mimicking the real iPhone. It is a touch screen, but you can only press, not swipe. I did not figure out how to turn to the next page, or maybe there aren’t any.

fake iPhone_2

If you look at the top left corner, you’ll notice two signal bars.  That’s why it has two sim card slots. How thoughtful! You can have one phone with two numbers! It’s a pity we didn’t test its phone function before returning it to the sender.

According to the packing slip, it’s an iPhone 4S in perfect condition worth $300 (this price has expired by now).  We could do nothing but sending it back. I’m not going to disclose any information about the seller, but I’m really curious what his/her intention was by attempting this trade-in.

One man’s old phone is another man’s treasure

Whenever I upgrade to a new phone, I kept the old ones in a drawer. I always think someday someone will need it. Say, a friend might break her phone and needs one as a temporary.  Six months later, it’s at the bottom of my drawer, and nobody has needed it yet. I know there are many people like me who have old phones doing nothing in drawers and cabinets.

We need a good cause to do something to that old phone. And here are two good reasons to sell your old phone to eleGreen. And you will be helping someone by doing this.

First, while you are using a recent model with a bunch of the newest technologies, there are many people out there who do not want the newest models and would be happy just using the old ones.  Selling your old phone to eleGreen is one way to get this phone to people who really need it. Don’t wait until your phone gets too out-of-date. Let this phone be fully utilized before it reaches the end of the life cycle.

Second, did you know that you can donate your old phone to a charity through eleGreen?  It’s super easy and the shipping cost is on us! All you need to do is placing a trade-in order on our website, waiting for the box (if you need one), and dropping off the box with your old phone to Fedex with our label.  Just make sure you pick the donation option when choosing the payment method. The rest of the procedure will be exactly like a regular trade-in except for the paying part.  Instead of sending you the payment, we will forward the payment to the charity. Currently we are only working with the Red Cross. But if you would like to donate to some other charities or organizations, please let us know and we will try to make it happen.

Pros and cons of alternatives to sell your old iPhone

Here are some common alternatives to sell your old iPhones. We hope this list will be helpful to you.

1. Online trade-in services

Such as eleGreen, Gazelle, Hellototem.  Elegreen has the best price among all the trustworthy traders. Now Amazon.com and Walmart are also providing iPhone trade-in services. But their criteria are stricter and prices are not as competivie. The procedure is pretty much the same for all of them: 1. Get a quote; 2. Wait for the mailer to come; 3. Ship your phone; 4. Getting paid.

Pros:  safe, hassle free, fast (as fast as 2 days, only with eleGreen!)

Cons: fair price, slow (with our competitors)

2. The Craigslist

Craigslist related crime rates are getting higher. Before eleGreen launched the website, two of our staff got robbed while buying or selling from Craigslist. The first time was $150 cash that got recovered (thanks to the Downey police department), and the second time was $1500 worth of iPhones and the suspect is not caught yet. Although Craigslist is full of frauds and questionable figures, you will find the best prices among all the alternatives. Make sure you make the deal in a safe public surrounding with security camera and guards, such as in a Starbucks or outside a bank.

Pros: good price

Cons: hassle listing, dealing with unknown people, risk with fraud

3. Ebay

Ebay is somewhere between online trade-in services and the Craigslist. You need to go through the hassle of listing your item, then wait for someone to make the purchase. Then it comes to the part you need to mail it out and wait for it to arrive. You get paid after waiting for days, but it’s much safer since you are not meeting someone.

Pros: good price

Cons: hassle listing, listing fees, waiting time, risk with return,  risk with fraud

4.Local store trade-ins

We are talking about big names like bestbuy, or mobile carriers like Verizon or AT&T. They offer trade-in programs at your convenience but not at your interest. They are trustworthy, and easily available, but the price is too low.

Pros: convenient, instant

Cons: low price

How to pack your device

Proper packing including applying the shipping label correctly, would not only protect your item, but also make the delivery and box opening jobs easier. And to you, it means your package will be received sooner and processed faster.

Here are some tips on how to pack your iPhone or iPad when sending them.

When checking out on eleGreen.com website, our customers get to choose the option to receive a box from us. The boxes we send to our customers vary according to the size and quantities of their devices. Those boxes are the most suitable to ship iPhone or iPad.

Sending or not sending the original apple factory box for the iPhone or iPad will not affect the price, but the original package does provide the best protection for your device. If you do not have the original box, use the self-seal bubble pouch to contain the iPhone or iPad. This is especially important when you are sending in a device in “perfect” condition.

If you do not have the original box or bubble pouch, keep the device in a plastic grocery bag to prevent scratches or water damage. Squeeze some paper into shape of a ball as the cushioning material. It could be paper towel, newspaper or advertisement flyers. Pick a box that’s not too big and not too small.

Do not use shredded paper. The dust from shredded paper can be caught into your device’s small openings and is bad for electronics. The shredded paper would also cause a mess for those who will open the box.

A piece of common sense In modern society is, never expect your packages being treated gently during shipping. Place some of the cushioning at the bottom of the box, then your device, then cushioning again. Make sure your device is at the center of the box and not touching any edges. When you close the box, shake it and make sure you don’t hear anything loose in the box. Seal all the opening of your box with tape.

When you apply the shipping label to the box, make sure the barcode is flat, not folded over to the next surface.

Packing is really important if you do not want to go through the troublesome and time-consuming process of claiming. IPhones are fragile, iPads are even more fragile. Although the big package service companies all have great customer service and probably will pay for their fault, but we still would hate to see them unnecessarily damaged. They should not end like this.

The eleGreen customer service experience

On the home page of our website www.elegreen.com, there is a section dedicated for customer reviews. These are 100% from real customers and are their real thoughts. (Thank you all!) We did not pay anybody to write any of those reviews or tell them what to write for us. But we did try our best to make everything right and make every customer happy.

The most frequently mentioned reasons why our existing customers are happy with us are: fast, easy and reliable.

Our trade-in processing system is constantly being optimized to expedite the procedure. Our customers would like to get paid as soon as possible, so that is eleGreen’s goal. It’s very simple and straight forward, and each staff at eleGreen is committed to this goal.

If you have any questions, call 909-869-8864 Mon-Fri 9-6 and Sat 10-5 Pacific time or email us eleteam@elegreen.com. Emailing is better than calling when it’s not in business hours or during lunch time. The eleGreen customer service team consists of two people: Spencer and Roxane. Spencer is the primary and Roxane is the back up. I am Roxane. Both of us take our customer service tasks very serious. We are always ready to help. We answer every question from the customers as soon as we follow up each issue to the bottom.

eleGreen staff are passionate about making eleGreen the best and biggest used electronics trade-in service. We care about our reputation and we keep our words. The criteria and prices for trade-ins are clearly stated in our website and we stick to it.  eleGreen is free of fraud. And if your phone have got re-evaluated that you are not happy with, you have the freedom to cancel it any time and get the item returned to you for free.

Since we launched the eleGreen website and started providing the trade-in service, we’ve got many positive feedbacks from our customers (Thank you again!). These reviews mean a lot to us and are great encouragement for us to maintain the good service and keep improving.

How to maximize the resell value of your iPhone

With today’s rapidly evolving technology, new electronic devices grow out of fashion after a year or sooner. The market of used phones is more active today than any time in the past. Resell value has become an important factor to consider when choosing a cell phone.  Among all the big mobile phone brands such as Nokia, Samsung, LG, Motorola, HTC, and etc., apple is on top of the list in regard to resell value.

Now you know that owning an iPhone is already a guarantee of good resell value, let’s talk about how to maximize the resell value of your iPhone.

When you purchase the iPhone, get the screen protector too. Do not remove the apple factory’s original protective films until you are ready to apply the screen protector you bought.  This will ensure the screen is free of dust, grease, touch or wear.

Apply protector to both sides of the iPhone EVEN IF you plan to use a case to protect the back. This is because a lot of the cases will “bite” iPhone surfaces and leave marks. This is not about the quality of the phone case, it just happens when the glass and certain materials are pressed tightly together for a long time. I have seen dotted marks on an iPhone left by a well-known brand case cost around $40. IPhone cases are great and necessary protecting iPhones from hit or fall. But screen protectors are better at keeping your iPhone free of marks and scratches. Use both of them to make sure your iPhone is flawless when you want to sell it.

We all know we probably should not swim with iPhone, but did you know taking iPhone to the bathroom might cause problems too? Warm air saturated with moisture can form droplets of water when in contact with the cold metal part of earphone jack. These droplets might not cause damage to the phone, but will trigger the liquid contact indicator (LCI). Once those LCIs are triggered, they turn red from white, and it’s not reversible. Red or missing LCIs reduce the iPhone’s value dramatically.

Prices of electronic devices keep dropping all the time, in a significant rate. A used iPhone 3GS was worth $275 back in summer 2010, and $50 in fall 2012, in the same condition. So sell your old iPhone as soon as you get a new one.

Consumers like to get the newer technology around them, in their houses, in their cars, and of course on their fingertips.  We hope our little tips here would help you get the best value from your old phone. After all, you deserve an upgrade.