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Who is eleGreen?
The office and warehouse of is located in Irvine, CA. We are a bunch of helpful and passionate people using as a platform to help customers turn their new and used electronics into money! We will always issue competitive offers to customers, and for mobile devices such as phones and tablets, we try to beat any other trade-in program on the market!
What does eleGreen buy?
We buy various electronics including but not limited to: iPhones, iPads, iPods, smartphones or other tablets like Samsung, HTC, and Motorola.
How does it work EXACTLY?
Find the most accurate description of your device on our website and get a quote immediately. Choose how you'd like to get paid and the shipping method. You can also choose to receive a shipping box if you don't have one. Then fill in your contact information to complete the transaction.

Once you submit the order, you will receive a confirmation email with a barcode and prepaid shipping label. You will receive a box in mail if you have chosen one. Just pack the phone with the printed confirmation email and drop off to the correct shipper according to the label.

When we receive your package, we will do a series of tests to make sure your device is consistent with your chosen description. If your electronic device passes the inspection, we will send you the payment immediately; if your device fails the inspection, we will reevaluate its value and re-quote. In this case, you can choose to accept the adjusted offer; otherwise we will ship back the device to you for free. The inspection process usually takes 1-2 days.

For those who live in Grand Rapids in MI: you can drop your stuff off in our Irvine office. A 30-minutes inspection will be conducted if you want to receive your payment right away!

The road map below describes the whole process as described above:

Can I place a trade-in order having multiple items?
Sure! We are happy to offer you a bigger prepaid box for multiple items. If you have a bulk trade in order (more than 5 items), we might contact you and offer a more proper shipping plan for your shipment.
What if the item I want to sell is not listed?
Unfortunately we are only recycling the items listed on our website.
Why I did not receive any email for my registration and orders?
Please check your email's spam folder. Your order may have been classified as spam by your email provider.
How do I send the item to eleGreen?
If you would like to pack the item by yourself, please print the prepaid label from the confirmation email and attach it to your box. If you choose to receive our prepaid box, the box with label will arrive in the mail. Pack your item safely and give it to the right shipper.
How do I pack the item?
Here are some tips on packaging: Use ample cushioning materials, like bubble wrap, packing peanuts, crumpled newspaper or air filled packing pillows, and make sure your item won't slip in the box. Before you tape up the box, please make sure you have included the printed packing slip with the barcode on it.

eleGreen is not responsible for any damages of the shipment due to improper packing. Use common sense and feel free to ask us if you have questions about packing. Additionally, please do not include accessories unless your device is in "brand new" condition.

Do I need to send accessories?
If we did not ask for accessories during your checkout procedure, you do not need to send them. We ONLY evaluate item based on the device, not accessories. However, there are some devices that do require accessories. It will be indicated in the order confirmation attachment in the email generated by your order. If you did not see it indicated on your packing slip, please do not include them.

Who will pay for the shipping?
All the shipping cost is on eleGreen! Even if you decide to have the item sent back to you.

How long will shipping and returns take?
It depends on your drop off location. Most of shipments take 1-5 business days. We currently use Fedex and USPS for all of our shipments. Please check their website for detailed information.
How do I track my item?
We will always keep you updated with the latest order status through email, while enclosing the tracking number for your shipping method. You can also see the current status from your eleGreen account.
What are the payment methods offered by eleGreen?
You can choose from several different payment methods for a transaction. -Amazon gift cards -Check -Paypal -Walk-in -Charitable donation (American Red Cross, Heifer International)
How long does it take to receive the payment?
The payment will be issued to you right after the device passes the inspection within 8 business hours, or after re-evaluation is accepted if the device didn't pass the inspection. The data for our past services shows more than 99% customers get updated about issuing the payment or re-evaluation within the same day when package delivered to us. If you chose to be paid by check, it will take 1-5 business days for USPS delivery. If you chose Paypal/Gift cards or other online payment methods, it will be processed within 1 business day. We will keep you updated by email throughout the entire process! Please note: Re-evaluated offers will be valid for 7 calendar days from the time you receive the email indicating that status. Expired re-evaluations will automatically ONLY receive the exact authorized payment amount in the re-evaluation offer.
What if my item did not pass the inspection?
If your device failed to match your description during the inspection, we will do a re-evaluation. You will receive an email containing the re-evaluation details and the updated quote. It's your decision to sell it for the re-evaluated price or have your item returned. All shipping cost will be on eleGreen!
Why is the quote different from the one I checked last time?
The electronics market changes rapidly, our quote also changes accordingly. Once you submit an order, your quote will be guaranteed for 30 days. If you send the package more than 30 days after submitting the order, the quote might change and we may not be able to honor the original quote. We will re-quote your item and offer you the current price.
Why is my phone water-damaged while it's still working fine? How do I find out whether my item is water-damaged?
Water damage is a common and serious problem to electronic devices. The water and electricity flowing through the device at the same time can destroy the electronic components. So, when an item is water damaged, the price for it will drop dramatically. Even if the phone/tablet is working fine now, it might show problems in the future. Most items have water sensors which change color to detect whether they have been exposed to water or excessive moisture. We will examine the sensors to decide if water damage has occurred.
How do I protect my personal information in my used phone/tablet?
You can follow a few simple steps to delete all your personal data from the manufacture manual. Nowadays, most of cell phones and tablets have reset function in their operating systems. If you forgot to do so before you send it, don't worry. We will reset the device once we receive it. We will always reset each every device for your safety.
How do I back up the data before selling my electronic devices?
It is your responsibility to create a back up of your data before you send us your device. Keep in mind we will perform a secure wipe of all of your data when we receive your shipment as part of the inspection process. Your data will not be recoverable after this process.
Should I include my SIM card when sending my device?
While including your SIM card is not necessary and will not change the value of your device you may elect to send it. SIM cards received by eleGreen are treated as personal data and are securely destroyed during the inspection process.